Hands Around

Coming soon I will be creating the “hands around” which is a project to bring people together at certain points where we all hold hands around certain scenic points.

One of the first will be Hands Around Penny Town Ponds where we will all meet and hold hands to create a human chain around the ponds.

Why will I be doing this?

Well, to start off with it’s a great way to encourage people to visit these places and to be out in the fresh air. Another is to help me raise money to purchase a Vehicle to get me around all the walks I will be doing, at the moment if we are hit with bad weather I will be grounded so I am looking to purchase a 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle to take me to and from the walks in all weathers.

Another reason is to also raise money to help me find a suitable area to create an ECO PARK and to find products and services to be used at these Parks.

I am also looking at building a group of Volunteers who will help in the setting up of these ECO PARKS and their facilities. I am looking for people who can help with the Labour, Products, Legal Requirements, Planning and everything else that will go into setting up these parks.

In todays world of hyper connectivity, Im hoping to find everything and everyone that will be needed to create these ECO PARKS.

So by creating the Hands Around events Im hoping that people will come forward to help in what ever way they can.

In the parks I’m looking to have;

  • Eco Homes
  • Health Spas
  • Sealed paths suitable for wheelchairs and for all weather walking etc.
  • Hydroponics, for growing healthy food.
  • Nature reserves
  • Bird Hides
  • Renewable energy
  • Plus a whole host of other Services & Products

So if you’re interested in any of these or would just like to donate then please get in touch. Via my facebook group

You can also donate here Via Paypal to help set up a fund to help research the products and services and to look for a suitable place to buy to build the first ECO PARK