Donate Directly to the Charities Here

Thank you for thinking of donating to these charities. If you haven't already done so please visit the "About" page to see why I am doing these walks.

The Charities I have chosen are;-
Cancer Reseach UK

My dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and given just 6 months to live, he was offered an operation which he took.

He then went on to live for another 8 years. The extra time we spent with him during these years was very special. Its thanks to Charities like Cancer Research UK that these types of operations and medicines exist.

Most people at sometime in their lives are touch by either someone who will have suffered with Cancer or has it themselves. Help Cancer Research UK to create better and more effective treatments to help cure and prevent this terrible disease.

Diabetes UK

I have chosen this charity as I myself now have Diabetes, my Dad had it plus one of my Aunties had it.

Lets help Diabetes UK find more affective treatments and help many people rid themselves of this condition.

Again I am sure most people know someone who has Diabetes or you may even have it yourself.

When You Wish Upon a Star.

I have chosen this charity as they help young children with shortened lives to create lasting memories for them and their parents and friends.

The Woodland Trust.

I have chosen this charity as most of the walks I will be completing will be out in the countryside. The Woodland Trust helps to protect this land as well as creating new woodlands which creates homes for our wildlife.

Help keep the Woodland and Wildlife there so that you and your children have these amazing places to visit and experience their beauty. - Donate to these charities by clicking here.
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Cancer Research UK on Just Giving

You can change the £3 to any amount you desire such as £1, £2, £5, 0r £10 etc.

When You Wish Upon A Star

You can change the £3 to any amount you like such as £1, £2, £5 or £10 etc

Diabetes UK

You can change the £3 to any amount such as £1, £2 , £5 or £10 etc

The Woodland Trust UK

You can change the £3 to any amount such as £1, £2 , £5 or £10 etc